12 Skills Summary

Conflict Resolution Skills

1. Win win approach
     How can we solve this as partners rather than opponents?

2.  Creative response
     Transform problems into creative opportunities.

3.  Empathy
     Develop communication tools to build rapport. Use listening to clarify understanding.
4.  Appropriate assertiveness
     Apply strategies to attack the problem not the person.
5.  Co-operative power
     Eliminate "power over" to build "power with" others.
6.  Managing emotions
     Express fear, anger, hurt and frustration wisely to effect change.
7.  Willingness to Resolve
     Name personal issues that cloud the picture.
8.  Mapping the conflict
     Define the issues needed to chart common needs and concerns.
9.  Development of options
     Design creative solutions together.
10. Introduction to negotiation
      Plan and apply effective strategies to reach agreement.
11. Introduction to mediation
      Help conflicting parties to move towards solutions.
12. Broadening perspectives
      Three articles on running meetings in conflict resolving mode.
      Also provided here are some Case Study answers submitted by Haddy Roche.

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