Scholarship Program Applications

In keeping with CRN’s low-cost policy a limited number of scholarships are available for our e-learning course.

The whole course is done online, accessed through a computer connected to the web. Therefore you must be able to obtain and commit to regular online computer access. An ability to print out some of the materials is helpful, but not essential. There is a considerable amount of reading in English, so you need to be comfortable with the skills this requires.

All scholarship applicants must first read carefully the CR KIT our website and then successfully complete the Gateway Quiz
at the following link.:  HERE

When taking the quiz please register with the name you would like to have on your certificate if you do successfully complete the whole course. That way we can easily find your score to process your application.

For some people, this reading in the CR Kit may provide quite sufficient skills to get started on good conflict resolving in your life. The course itself goes into much more depth on these same skills. You receive 30 credit hours on your certificate for online reading, exercises, forum involvement, exercises and assignments with teacher feedback. Experience has shown us that for students not fluent in English successful completion may take around 40 to 50 hours. In assignments and forum involvement we do not require perfect grammar or spelling, just a good understanding of each skill itself. It does require a considerable commitment of time from you. Please consider if this can fit into your life at this time before you apply.

Having considered these matters, if you would like to apply for a scholarship

Type in the Subject line:             SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION

You must give us the following personal information:

Given Name:
Family Name:
Email Address:
City (or Town or Suburb):

Your final score on the Gateway test:

Your reason for requiring a scholarship: [a brief explanation of your interest and need].

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