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CR Trainers' Manual: 12 skills

To download this CR Trainers Manual - 2nd edition (2008), scroll down to the bottom of this page. Each of the 19 chapters is a separate downloadable file. There is no charge, but please read the information here first to understand what it is and the conditions of use.

The CR Trainers Manual: 12 skills is a comprehensive guide to running highly successful Conflict Resolution sessions. It offers teaching material, group and individual exercises and handouts for over 50 hours of instruction on the 12 skills of Conflict Resolution.You'll find comprehensive information on the twelve skills of Conflict Resolution: Win/win Approach, Creative Response, Empathy, Assertiveness, Cooperative Power, Managing Emotions, Willingness to Resolve, Mapping, Designing Options, Negotiation, Mediation and Broadening Perspectives.

Each chapter starts with clear guidelines for constructing training slots of different lengths. It is invaluable for a new trainer and will refresh and inspire even the most experienced trainer's material. We have found that the most successful style for teaching CR skills is highly interactive. This manual shows you exactly how to achieve this.

If you download the PDF format (usual for downloads) you will need Adobe Reader software to read each file. Most computers have this already installed. However if you require a copy it is available as a free download. Click on  "Adobe Reader" in green in this paragraph.

There is no fee to download or to copy pages from this manual - in the interests of promoting the skills for a peaceful world. The Conflict Resolution Network requires the copyright notice, including all contact details, to appear on each page or part of a page reproduced. You may freely reproduce any part of this manual for participants so long as the copyright notice appears on each page. This is our contribution, and yours, to supporting good CR Training worldwide. Please let us know about the uses you have made of the material. That is our best reward.

You may translate any part into other languages. If you are writing new training manuals, articles or books you may include as much as you like, without seeking our permission.  You may also adapt these materials using your own words and contexts. 

Acknowledgement of The Conflict Resolution Network and its contact details must be included with any content used in any of above ways.

If you are adapting or editing, you may prefer to use the Word 97-2003 version (3rd column below). Some of these Word files are large and may impact on your monthly download limits with your provider and could take several minutes to open - depending on your Internet connection speed.

If you just want to download a section, find your way by locating the skill area in the index below, download that chapter by clicking its name, then browse the linked index at its start. You can click headings there to go directly to what you want. The first file - Table of Contents - will give you an overview.

When printing, note that the manual is set up for A4 paper size. If you have letter-sized paper, adjust the printing zoom or scaling in your print menu. Otherwise, you will lose the bottom of each page and the page numbering.  

If you to choose to print the whole manual, be aware that it is 573 pages long and there are 19 files in total.

Many trainers prefer to buy the Manual from us pre-printed rather than doing this. Then it comes with its own binder, labelled plastic dividers and high quality masters for photocopying handouts for your groups. In the bought version, there are different colours for the three sections in each topic, so you can find something quickly in front of your class. To purchase see Resources - CR Trainers Manual: 12 Skills

If you are not a trainer or this full manual is more information than you need right now, go instead to the CR Kit for a short summary of each skill.

CR Trainers Manual
(19 files/chapters in total. To download each chapter, choose your preferred file type - .pdf or Word - by clicking  the link: "View PDF file"  or "View WORD file" to the right of the chapter title.)


Table of Contents

View PDF file (247kb)


View WORD file (78kb)

[15 pages]

Running CR Courses

View PDF file (299kb)


View WORD file (118kb)

[20 pages]

Icebreakers &  Energisers

View PDF file (234kb)


View WORD file (109kb)

[17 pages]

Understanding Conflict

View PDF file (217kb)

View WORD file (117kb)

[9 pages]


The Twelve Skills of Conflict Resolution: 

The Win/Win Approach  

 View PDF file (349kb)


 View WORD file (393kb)

 [20 pages]

Creative Response

View PDF file (275kb)


View WORD file (275kb)

[12 pages]


View PDF file (330kb)


View WORD file (285kb)

[46 pages]

Appropriate Assertiveness

View PDF file (352kb)


View WORD file (145kb)

[29 pages]

Co-operative Power

View PDF file (355kb)


View WORD file (1091kb)

[62 pages]

Managing Emotions

View PDF file (364kb)


View WORD file (396kb)

[24 pages]

Willingness to Resolve

View PDF file (337kb)


View WORD file (227kb)

[22 pages]

Mapping the Conflict

View PDF file (348kb)


View WORD file (345kb)

[21 pages]

Designing Options

View PDF file (266kb)


View WORD file (235kb)

[10 pages]


View PDF file (439kb)


View WORD file (231kb)

[35 pages]

Introduction to Mediation

View PDF file (355kb)


View WORD file (260kb)

[26 pages]

Broadening Perspectives

View PDF file (434kb)


View WORD file (204kb)

[28 pages]


Additional Skills and Applications:


View PDF file (290kb)


View WORD file (246kb)

[13 pages]



View PDF file (247kb)


View WORD file (221kb)

[11 pages]


Handout Masters

View PDF file (625kb)

View WORD file (1239kb)

[77 pages]

Win/win Approach   Creative Response   Empathy   Assertiveness   Cooperative Power    Managing Emotions
Willingness to Resolve   Mapping   Designing Options   Negotiation    Mediation    Broadening Perspectives

© This CRN material can be freely reproduced provided this copyright notice appears on each page.

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