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About Us

Our vision is to create conflict-resolving communities in cultures of peace and social justice.

We research, develop and disseminate the theory and practice of Conflict Resolution (CR) throughout a national and international network. Why? Because CR skills build stronger and more unified organisations, more rewarding relationships and conflict-resolving communities.

Conflict Resolution skills and advocacy are vital for a well-run society where we aim for peace, human rights and ecological care. Every human need and our very survival depend on our skill to communicate non-violently and creatively.

We believe this process starts from where we stand – it can be personal, within family, community, government or the international arena. Conflict resolution skills are the tools to move the rocks from our path.

Our network includes individuals who choose to improve and demonstrate good conflict resolution skills in their personal and working lives. It also includes teachers and trainers in CR skills as well as mediation and dispute resolution practitioners. CRN maintains close links with CR programs at universities, and supports trainers and educators at every level in the community.

Over the years, CRN has developed a comprehensive range of teaching manuals, trained thousands of trainers and directly taught CR skills to individuals and organisations. We have facilitated the resolution of personal, organisational and community conflicts, influenced CR training in school and university curricula and brought a CR focus to many social and political issues.

We aim to make CR skills, strategies and attitudes universally accessible. Therefore we offer free training material on our website and most CRN literature can be freely reproduced. We only ask that our copyright notice and contact details appear on any page that you reproduce or adapt, so that others can find their way to this site.

We maintain our outreach today by distance education. We frequently update this website. We offer online, our flagship Conflict Resolution Certificate Course. This is an in-depth study of skills to resolve conflicts and disputes. It provides extensive resources and focussed questions for assessment and reflection as you learn to apply the skills personally.

This course is structured around our free podcast series, Resolve conflict: Everyone can win, a special audio edition of our main text, Everyone Can Win. It’s available on your preferred podcast app. Just listen to the podcast series on the go or study more intensively by taking the course at the same time.

Our special interests – some of which are on the web site – cover a wide range of humanitarian and social issues with a conflict-resolving, non-confrontational approach.

Conflict Resolution Network

In 1973 the United Nations Association of Australia (UNAA) established the Peace and Conflict Resolution Program of UNAA, under the direction of Dr Stella Cornelius, AO, OBE, DLitt(Macq.), FAIM. As a result, the Conflict Resolution Network was founded in 1986 under the auspices of UNAA, and co-directors, Stella and Helena Cornelius. Today, Conflict Resolution Network is an independent civil society organisation headed by Helena Cornelius, a professional psychologist with over 30 years’ experience in this field.

Helena Cornelius

Director, Conflict Resolution Network
Author and co-author of many of our CR resources

Stella Cornelius

YouTube video produced by Annabel McGoldrick, recorded 2008, 3:41 minutes

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