CR Essentials

This DVD is a great way to introduce you or a study group to CR skills. It introduces the basic Conflict Resolution skills: Win/Win Approach, Assertiveness, Active Listening, Mapping, Developing Options, and Creative Response. These are the CR Essentials. Graphics and role plays set in an office workplace punctuate the teaching modules. 

The DVD can stand alone without any additional teaching material. It is suitable for presentation in training groups, particularly those with a workplace focus. 

The program has been prepared for both private study and group use. The accompanying written material can be used to reinforce the skills or to facilitate an adult teaching program of up to fours hours using the trainer’s notes, guided discussion and activities between playing the teaching modules on the DVD.  


Presenters are Helena Cornelius, Director of Programs for CRN and Stuart Walker, Senior Consultant to CRN. Production is by Daphne Brehm, video filmmaker. 

Running Time: 40 minutes 


The comprehensive written program that accompanies the DVD emphasises a competency approach to CR training. It includes handout sheets with background information, pre- and post-viewing questions, discussion issues, follow-up activities and timelog. The Program is designed to deepen understanding in both private study and in facilitated Conflict Resolution sessions. It enables you to locate all the key points easily and to stop-start wherever you choose. It is presented in a ring binder format, for the easy addition of your personal training notes. 

The production of this program was supported by a grant from the NSW Education & Training Foundation. 

This DVD is in Pal (not NTSC) format, suitable for Australia, Europe, etc. Not compatible with most Canada, USA etc. DVD players and TVs. Pal format works on most DVD PC software and hardware world-wide.