CR Support Skills DVDs

These two popular short videos have been remastered in DVD format. They demonstrate the support skills of active listening and mediation. They are invaluable additions to a trainer’s explanations of Empathy and an Introduction to Mediation. While not new, each is compelling viewing and continues to provide a successful change of pace in the course-room. They are suitable for either advanced or beginners groups. They also support private study of CR skills. Each DVD runs for approximately 16 minutes.

The first DVD, “Active Listening with a Child”, demonstrates the skill of active listening. Here the counsellor shows how her use of active listening builds a deep flow of empathy in the counselling situation. With this support, the child feels safe enough to develop new insights into her situation. 

The second DVD, “A mediation role play”, demonstrates many of the strategies used by skilled mediators in steering a conflict forward through a storm of emotions. This powerful role play is a realistic example of a typical workplace mediation. Captions on-screen highlight each micro-skill as it is being used. It is often played twice by trainers – the first time for an overall impression of what a mediator can do in seemingly intractable conflict and the second time to focus on how the micro-skills are being applied.

Workbook (included)

Revised and updated in 2010, this concise workbook accompanies the CR Support Skills DVDs and summarises the material presented, pointing out the skills in use in the two demonstrations. It also contains post-viewing activities and questions that can be used to enhance the DVDs material in a learning environment. 

The workbook also advises of links to updated PDF handouts that can be downloaded and freely photocopied in A4 format. These can further expand the post-viewing activities in a course-room or add further insights for self-study.

The DVDs and workbook alone do not provide comprehensive training on these two topics. Most trainers who are teaching Empathy and Introduction to Mediation will use them in addition to their presentations based on our CR Trainers Manual. Private study in these areas will be broadened by reading the relevant chapters in Everyone Can Win . 


Written and directed by Helena Cornelius.
Presented by Helena Cornelius, Deborah Turnbull, Shoshana Faire, Stuart Walker and Caroline Butler.
Produced by Conflict Resolution Network.
Consider also the purchase of another CRN resource which can be used to expand your training program: the DVD package, CR Essentials in which the on-screen explanation of basic skills is interspersed and demonstrated with short role plays.


These DVDs are available in either PAL (suitable for Australia, Europe, etc) or NTSC (suitable for USA and Canada) format. We will supply according to your region unless you specify otherwise in Instructions during your order process. Originals were mastered in the 1980’s and early 1990’s and shot on BetaCam, analogue quality. Screen resolution is improved by adjusting your DVD player to 4:3 or 14:9 aspect ratio.