CRN E-Learning Certificate Course

CRN’s E-Learning Certificate Course is an in-depth course in Conflict Resolution skills. Study is undertaken online under the guidance of a trained teacher. The course will usually take 30-40 hours of study to complete. On successful completion students will receive a Certificate of Achievement from the Conflict Resolution Network. 

Based on over twenty years of training and developing the most appropriate programs for many different contexts, the course content is current with the latest developments in delivering online adult education. The course has been designed by founder of the Conflict Resolution Network, Helena Cornelius (Psychologist); Helena is co-author of Everyone Can Win and author of The Gentle Revolution. 

How do I study?

Study is conducted online; a teacher is assigned to each to student for marking questions and comments. Online study means that you can complete course work at any time that suites you. You choose how long you need to take to complete the course. It consists of readings, quizzes, forums and audio-visual material that enliven the learning process. You do need basic computer skills, comfort with reading study materials in English and regular access to a computer – as all the training resources are accessed online.  

How do I enrol? 

Scroll to the bottom of this page and press the blue “Purchase” button. Our enrolling officer will send you a “Welcome…” email, usually within 10 days, with enrolling instructions, which you will do via your computer. Please watch out for it and if necessary, enable email from email addresses. 

Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for:
•Those needing effective conflict resolution techniques for their workplace – both managers and employees. 
•Those facing the public and handling a wide variety of challenging conflict situations – school teachers, government officers, counter staff 
•Individuals who want to effectively manage conflict in their personal or work relationships.
•Teachers and trainers of mediation and dispute resolution who want to add the Conflict Resolution Network’s skills approach to their repertoire or would like to refresh their skills 

How long will it take me? 

If fluent in written English, the course generally takes students between 30-40 hours of study to complete. This includes time needed for readings, submitting assignments and participating in the forums. Trainers who are using this course as a refresher will move through it faster.

What will I achieve from doing this course?

Conflict Resolution skills help you build more unified organisations and more rewarding relationships. This course provides students with background knowledge and theory, the confidence to identify and employ attitudinal changes and the ability to apply these skills to diverse workplace, community and personal conflicts. While the skills are specific, they transfer readily to a wide variety of situations. These skills are the core ones to use when you mediate, coach or facilitate conflict resolution in your personal or work environment. They provide a solid introduction to Conflict Resolution as a professional in this field. 

The course is divided into twelve modules, each module offers approximately three hours of intensive training in that skill. 

You will gain skills in the following techniques: Win/win approach, Creative Response, Empathy, Appropriate Assertiveness, Co-operative Power, Managing Emotions, Willingness to Resolve, Mapping the Conflict, Designing Options, Negotiation, Introduction to Mediation, Broadening Perspectives. 

How much does it cost?  

The course cost is $149 AUD (= approximately 102 Euro or $114 US.  Please check daily rates on an appropriate currency converter).

Once payment is processed your enrolment details will be emailed to you. Though you may get your “Welcome…” email sooner, do allow up to 10 working days.

If you do not receive this email with your enrolling procedures within this period, please email us at

Please note, that all study materials are accessed by you through our E-Learning website. Get a sneak preview of the course here .

If you are unable to meet the cost of the course, but wish to participate, a scholarship program is available: click Scholarship Program here.