Everyone Can Win – Readers’ Comments

Readers’ Comments:-

“Everyone Can Win has earned its place among such contemporary
must-reads as Daniel Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence, Steven
Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and Thomas Gordon’s
Effectiveness Training series. This new edition deserves a further 21
Tony Jollye
– Journalist for Australian Financial Review Boss, Australia

“This text is rich in advice and simple to interpret…drawn from fields as
diverse as leadership, management, personal development,
Buddhism, psychotherapy, psychology, social work, child rearing,
critical thinking and martial arts. We are fortunate that Helena,
Shoshana and Estella, with a large team of passionate contributors
have drawn the information together and added new concepts,
research and findings to offer a logically sequenced and well guided
path to manage conflict.”
Australian Commercial Disputes Centre Newsletter – March 2007

“I found the book insightful and kind-hearted. It conveys great tips on
living with conflict and how to make it part of one’s life instead of
looking at it as a nuisance – rather an opportunity to improve the
situation. I like the part about partners not opponents because I got in
a few pages what would take months with a marriage counselor.”
Alejandro Fierro Vidal
– Translator, Dive Instructor, Mexico

“The chapter on Mediation is an excellent resource; it captures the
essence of mediation and provides the reader with clues to enable
really skilled interventions. I particularly like the case studies dotted
throughout the book.”
Sandra Ferguson
– Professional Mediator, Australia

“Everyone Can Win is a key work in the understanding and application
of Conflict Resolution. What I find admirable about this book is that it
tackles a very difficult subject in a style and with an approach that is
so practical and easy to follow that you will find yourself asking, “Why
couldn’t I have thought of this myself?” It explains in simple terms how
we can address conflict before it expands and turns into a more
complex situation.”
John Pace
– Former Secretary of the UN Commission on Human Rights, Bagdad

“This book has been very confirming and I think of great value. I saw
the importance of happiness in a different light and as a means of
bringing in the main stream to peace. If we are happy, we are likely to
be open and helpful in many ways.”
Susan F. Carew
– Trainer in Clowning and Conflict Resolution, Australia

“I love the little gems that come from the authors’ work with Tibetan
Buddhism. It gives me a fresh look at conflict – about being a source of
peace myself. I like how the book gently points the reader towards a
mindful response, and the suggestions on how to use language to
convey both that challenge and one’s own depth of willingness to
understand other people in potential conflict situations. It shows
people how to activate their own sense of compassion for each other;
how to actually attempt to stand in someone else’s shoes.”
Gill Goater
– Conflict Resolution Trainer, Australia

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