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Resolve conflict: Everyone can win

Do you need to learn your conflict resolution skills on the go? Have a listen to these podcasts. They’re both entertaining and informative. Produced in 2020, they’re our most recent addition to this website.

They’re based on our text: Everyone Can Win – handling conflict constructively, and refine and update the book. Each podcast goes in-depth into one of the 12 skills, the approach you’ll find throughout this website. They are presented by psychologist, Helena Cornelius, who is Conflict Resolution Network’s director. Writers are Helena Cornelius, Shoshana Faire and Estella Cornelius. Christine James has joined the writing team for this audio series. Our music is by Stewart D’Arrietta.

We’ve also included transcripts with time logs, handy if you need to go back and refresh anything you’ve already heard. There are links to extra study materials too, if you’d like to go further.

Skill 1

Win/Win approach

How can we solve this as partners rather than opponents?

Study Material

Skill 2

Creative response

Is this a problem or a challenge?

Study Material

Skill 3

Empathy - Part I

What are they really trying to say?

Study Material