01.07.1 Quiz – Your win-win approach

This quiz is to remind you of some of the main points covered in the podcast and transcript (Topics 1.1) and Topic 1.6. You may want to look this over before attempting these 6 questions.

Fill in the blanks with the word missing from each sentence below. There is a range of acceptable responses. After you’ve filled all the blanks in the question, press the “Check” button to read the correct options written beside any errors you’ve made. Take in the meaning of the sentence – it’s a key concept – so that it will be easier for you to get it right on your next round. Then press “Next” to continue in the quiz. You may need to scroll down for the “Check” and “Next” buttons.

Best strategy: Go straight through the whole quiz once to familiarise yourself with the points being made here. Only then have another go if you did not achieve at least 80% (the required grade to qualify towards your Certificate).

You’ll see that there is often more than one correct answer. Just choose one. Apologies if we didn’t include yours and it gives the same meaning. You’ll have to choose one of ours to score your marks.

Here’s our bank of words from which we have constructed the answers:

  • adversary; answers; best; BUT; but; change; colleagues; collective; common; communicating; day; define; enemy; friends; ideas; issue; issues; joint; mates; mutual; need; needs; opponent; opportunities; options; our; partners; people; person; place; point; points; positions; possibilities; problem; problems; reassess; redefine; requirements; rethink; shared; situation; solution; solutions; strength; strengths; talking; time; trying; viewpoint; viewpoints; win.

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