Books, Manuals, CD ROMs, Posters 

CRN Resources provides books, trainers’ manuals, DVDs and posters in Conflict Resolution and related communication skills. Most are based on CRN’s twelve skills approach. Concepts and information co-ordinate across this selection. They are relevant for such focus areas as management, facilitation, gender, negotiation, mediation, training support and more.

You can learn, reinforce and teach CR skills with these definitive resources. The skills are readily transferable from one situation to another. They are equally valid for personal relationships, workplace conflicts or a global issues. 

Some of the print materials are also available on this website as free downloads. See Free training material. CRN resources are wise investments of your resource dollar. You are likely to access any purchase again and again. See below.

Resources Available (prices include GST)

CRN’s E-Learning Certificate Course is an in-depth course in Conflict Resolution skills. Study is undertaken online under the guidance of a trained teacher. The course will usually take 30-40 hours of study to complete. On successful completion students will receive a Certificate of Achievement from the Conflict Resolution Network. 
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This DVD is a great way to introduce you or a study group to CR skills. It introduces the basic Conflict Resolution skills: Win/Win Approach, Assertiveness, Active Listening, Mapping, Developing Options, and Creative Response. These are the CR Essentials. Graphics and role plays set in an office workplace punctuate the teaching modules. 

These two popular short videos have been remastered in DVD format. They demonstrate the support skills of active listening and mediation. They are invaluable additions to a trainer’s explanations of Empathy and an Introduction to Mediation. While not new, each is compelling viewing and continues to provide a successful change of pace in the course-room. They are suitable for either advanced or beginners groups. They also support private study of CR skills. Each DVD runs for approximately 16 minutes.

Men and women at work – what goes wrong and how to fix it. By Helena Cornelius, psychologist and director of The Conflict Resolution Network. (Sydney, Simon & Schuster. 1998). This book offers profound understanding of differences in many workplace core values. Traditional masculine values are giving ground to a new wave of feminine priorities. Work often becomes the battlefield as women take their point of view into the workforce, 

Fighting Fair Poster 

Great for the office noticeboard, classroom, fridge or toilet door! It’s a fast track to better communications and a better social atmosphere. Base short talks on its content. Teaches the essence of Conflict Resolution in a nutshell. Use it at the start of any mediation to explain the ground rules simply. Approx. 38 x 50cm, 2 colours, plastic laminated.