The Gentle  Revolution

ISBN 0 7318 0571 2

Men and women at work – what goes wrong and how to fix it. By Helena Cornelius, psychologist and director of The Conflict Resolution Network. (Sydney, Simon & Schuster. 1998). This book offers profound understanding of differences in many workplace core values. Traditional masculine values are giving ground to a new wave of feminine priorities. Work often becomes the battlefield as women take their point of view into the workforce, 

Explore the intricate underpinning differences between men and women and how they operate at work. Cornelius peels back some of the layers of cross-gender conflict and, considering both the surface and underlying issues, looks at what it takes to improve mutual respect, cooperation and resolution. 

. We are in the midst of a revolution – an enormous social shift in workplace values.. Sometimes we are baffled or come away from an interaction groaning: “Typical male!” or “Typical female!” Sometimes we feel overwhelmed or defeated by the conflict.

Cornelius helps us to understand the dynamics of puzzling behaviour in others when masculine and feminine differences are in play, so that we can see what is behind workplace hassles and respond in a way that enables men and women to value and enjoy working together. Cornelius identifies the eight key values around which gender-related problems most frequently occur. This book show you how to:
•understand the sources of conflicts between men and women at work 
•sort out problems of differences in masculine and feminine styles 
•balance the masculine and feminine parts of yourself 
•draw out the workplace benefits of both masculine and feminine styles

“Good managers work in remarkably similar ways regardless of their gender and embody the wide range of skills, abilities and perspectives that come from both their masculine and feminine sides,” says Cornelius. “If they truly understand the integration they themselves have achieved, they will foster its development in others also, creating a climate of respect for the gifts from both the masculine and the feminine.”

Helena Cornelius is a professional psychologist and co-author of the bestselling book, Everyone Can Win, which has been translated into five languages. She has written widely on the topic of conflict resolution, and her techniques and manuals are widely used in both the private and government sector.

Trainers, managers and employees will find that this book offers a balanced and authoritative analysis of gender issues.


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