Quiz Instructions

The quizzes revise, add to and apply the course material. They will help to embed your learning, so don’t skip over them.

As they are an integral part of the course, completing all the quizzes is necessary for you to gain a certificate and to have the 30 hours of professional development assigned. Quizzes are in two main styles with different scoring methods:

Style 1:  tests that are scored by the programming. Score 80%+ in any one attempt for that quiz to be registered towards your certificate.

Style 2: personal reflections. Have a genuine go at these to automatically earn 100% towards your certificate. What you write is not assessed, but may be reviewed for relevance.

We have provided instructions below on how you can complete and revise your responses in the quizzes. You might not want to take in all these details right now. Just remember that these instructions are here, so you can read them again later.

Starting a quiz

When you click on a quiz topic, press the quiz link directly below the green bar if you intend to attempt it immediately.

Bypassing a quiz

If you intend to bypass the quiz for the moment, use the green “Next Topic” button at the bottom. If you intend to come back later and take the quiz, which you will need to do if you are working towards a certificate, don’t press the orange button below or the “Mark complete” box above the quiz topic. These buttons mark off the topic as complete and you won’t easily be able to see which quizzes you have yet to do to qualify.

Marking off a quiz

Once you have successfully completed a quiz, an orange button called “Click here to continue.” will appear at the bottom. Press this button to be sure that your quiz results have registered towards your certificate. A small orange circle with a tick will appear beside that topic in the menu.

More on Style 1 quizzes scored by the programming

These will often have a “Check” button below the questions. Press this to read the comments after you answer each question. There are often handy extra tips there on this topic. You may need to scroll down to read them. Then press “Next” to move on. Once you’ve completed a quiz, have another go if you did not achieve at least 80%. Press the “Restart Quiz” button to do so.

More on Style 2 quizzes on your personal reflections

Your answers don’t need to be long. Write just enough to apply the particular skill to something of significance in your personal life. You’re building new thought pathways.

Make any revisions before pressing “Finish Quiz” which finalises that attempt. You can have another go at a reflections quiz if you’d prefer to rework your answers. However, what you have previously written will not appear in a new attempt. Access the quiz again from the menu. There is no “Restart Quiz” button for this type of quiz.

How to save what you write

•           You could compose your responses in a separate file and then copy and paste them into the quiz.

•           You can see and copy your answers after pressing the “View Questions” button once you complete a quiz.

•           You can also view and copy your answers from your “Profile” button (top right). Click “My Profile”.

How “My Profile” works

Your previous responses to quizzes can be viewed here. Sequencing is in the order you accessed them. Most recent is last. The time setting may not be your local time.

Personal reflections are always in a grey box headed “Essays”. Don’t worry. So called “Essays” can be just be a few sentences! Look for the appropriate quiz number. Click the relevant question to read your previous answer.

Each attempt on a quiz has a separate listing. You only need one attempt on a quiz to score 80% or more to add that quiz towards your certificate.

On the left is a small “quiz” icon (rectangle with a tick and a cross). It will be orange if your score on that attempt has counted towards your Certificate. i.e. you recorded 80% or more. It will be black if that attempt did not count.

Press the “quiz” icon to return to the course at that quiz.

You can also use your browser’s back arrow to escape from any area of the profile back to the Profile page or to the course.

You can also scroll to the top green banner of the Profile page and press the “Back to course” button to return to Course Home.

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