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Training manual for children

We can work it out 

We can work it out, Clare Heaton & Maureen Lynch is a comprehensive manual for teachers to train children in conflict resolution. It targets upper primary and lower secondary students (ages 7-14 approx). It is revised and updated from their previous training manual Managing Conflict with Confidence, originally published by Pearson Education Australia but now out of print. The materials used here are based on Conflict Resolution Network’s 12 skills of Conflict Resolution. 

We can work it out is available here as a free .pdf download. We are most grateful to Clare Heaton and Maureen Lynch for making this edition so openly available.

We can work it out
a conflict resolution trainers manual
for children aged 7-14,
(free .pdf document, size 26MB)

The file is searchable and divided into 9 chapters under the following headings:



Session 1         Conflict and the win/win approach (p.11)

Session 2         Perception (p.55)

Session 3         Listening (p. 81)

Session 4         Appropriate assertiveness (p.125)

Session 5         Managing emotions (p. 190)

Session 6         Willingness to resolve (p.233)

Session 7         Mapping the conflict (p.280)

Session 8         Understanding bullying behaviour (p.323)

Session 9         Evaluation of the course (p.406)

If using an Apple system, first save this file to your Books app to access its chapter markers and search functions.

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